Can artificial intelligence improve your business's security online? The business world tends to view AI as an impending threat to its security, especially since the technology effortlessly creates phishing emails and pesky malware disruptions that aid hackers in infiltrating businesses and their customers.

However, while AI can process large amounts of data at lightning speeds, its ability to find vulnerabilities in your business's cybersecurity and gain access to government and company information effortlessly is a plus. As a business owner, AI can help improve your cybersecurity.

How Does AI Foster Additional Security For Your Business?

A trustworthy business protects valuable company and customer information that hackers aim to steal. 

Updating your browser and installing antivirus software is a step in the right direction. However, attackers often get around this software, and the hosts only patch after security gaps emerge. Why wait for this protection when you can trust a machine-learning system to uncover current cyberattacks faster?

Below are some specific ways AI bolsters your business's cybersecurity. 

AI Increases Your Business's Online Security Measures 

Every company has cybersecurity personnel manually combing through all data and traffic. But it doesn't take long for this to become a time-consuming and repetitive task. Whether through complacency or simple human error, a threat can slip through the cracks if the perpetrator disguises it with innocent-looking codes your system doesn't recognize as dangerous.

Why not trust AI technology to scan for and discover hidden threats? AI can help improve your cybersecurity by handling data piles faster and searching for multiple threats simultaneously. Your personnel can turn to less boring work, and AI's impressive accuracy can increase your business's security.

AI Detects Vulnerabilities Within Your Business's Digital Framework

Threat detection is only half the battle as a business owner; you also need a strong defense. AI improves cybersecurity by sifting through and locating your business's network vulnerabilities, such as pinpointing poor passwords. The machine learning system will continuously draw your attention to these vulnerabilities and share ways your business could enhance them!

AI also suggests security authentication, like facial recognition and fingerprint scanners, where applicable. With these, business owners can further secure login attempts and reduce the chance that brute force attacks and credential stuffing get through.

AI Prevents In-House Harm (It Monitors Your Employees)

Unfortunately, business owners also face internal threats when employees willingly or unknowingly engage in or conduct malicious activities. Some of these activities include leaking or selling valuable information to competitors. So, why not let AI analyze how everyone logs onto and uses online data and portals and alert you to perceived threats?

Protect Your Business and Use AI To Do It!

Your company information is private and valuable. Learn how AI can help improve cybersecurity with different AI application types that analyze data. Your business needs protection against attacks, and AI could become your ally.


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