Expertise Wrapped Around Great Customer Service

Having CNS DATA partner with us allows us to have a one-stop-shop for all our hardware, software, and security needs. Since joining Brand Sonnenschine LLP, I have been thrilled with the client experience I get from CNS whether it be getting me acquainted with the current systems or assisting in finding the best solutions as we continue to grow our business. Nothing is ever focused on how much it costs but on “Is this the right solution or an actual need” for the company and its staff. Working with CNS means getting a partner who truly looks out for your best interest.

Menachem Friederwitzer Chief Operating Officer
Brand Sonnenschine

In today’s times, technology changes so frequently that I have no time to keep up with all the critical security needs my company needs. Knowing that CNS has my company’s best interest at heart allows me to focus on my business and not worry about all that. I have been with CNS for many years and have not worked with other IT Firms. This is because I’m truly satisfied with their expertise and services, which my friends at other businesses can’t say for themselves and their IT firms. If you are unsure whether to move forward with CNS due to price, I would say one thing. “It’s the cost of doing business, and you get what you pay for” CNS provides tremendous value and peace of mind.

Eric Gillman Major Abstract Corp

Foresightedness and a true extension of our firm

I sleep soundly at night, secure in the knowledge that AmTrustRE’s technology infrastructure and data security are in good hands. CNS Data provides comprehensive support for a technological landscape that’s broad both in its range of applications and its geographical reach. They stand ready to respond as urgent needs arise—their responsiveness is outstanding in my experience. But they are also, perhaps more importantly, proactive, deploying foresight and creativity to minimize the occurrence of such urgencies. They truly function as an extension of our organization, seamlessly integrating with our team. And they are a pleasure to work with. You can’t go wrong with CNS as your technology partner.

Bill Greenhaus Vice President, Information Technology
AmTrust Realty Corp.

CNS DATA has been our trusted IT provider for around fifteen years. Their ability to avoid the tech jargon and work with us on the phone vs emailing back and forth shows how much they care for our business and makes us feel like family. Our most recent migration to Microsoft 365 had enabled us to receive the latest and greatest technology as soon as it comes out keeping us current in the ever-changing model. If anyone was debating to use CNS or not just look at the fifteen years. That amount of time speaks for itself.

Mike Chain Alders Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Peace of mind since inception

We have been using CNS DATA since our inception nine years ago. From the beginning, we experienced excellent customer service and had peace of mind that our systems were running smoothly, and we had someone to turn to if anything went wrong. CNS has recently helped us move to Microsoft Teams, allowing us to work more efficiently and securely while saving us on some monthly expenses. If you are ever on the fence about choosing CNS as your technology partner, know that your employees and leadership team will always be happy to work with them.

Joseph Himy Managing Director CFO
Squad LLC

CNS Data's knowledge and expertise, from the most basic request to our most advanced needs, are unmatched compared to anyone we have worked with in the past. They are highly responsive, especially when dealing with critical and time-sensitive issues. The personal touch from the founder down to the technician has created such a strong relationship allowing us to trust and value their opinion as our business has grown and technology needs changed. Especially when moving to the cloud, giving us a secure and seamless transition to the new "work from home" life. As our business has grown and technology needs have dramatically evolved, CNS has helped us keep pace in an informed, cost-efficient, and responsible way. Discussions around issues, vulnerabilities, or needed upgrades are always balanced, and where possible, a range of solutions are offered in an understandable "no pressure" way. A genuine feeling that CNS knows our unique business needs and provides custom rather than generic solutions. I unequivocally recommend CNS for all IT needs.

Francine McKenzie Johnson Associates

It clear to us, that CNS Data is a company that is striving to be proactive so that we, their customers, can avoid the problems we read about in the newspapers. The work they do in the background, behind the scenes, is what makes them so valuable. They are regularly checking our machines for issues and updating our software. We trust their software recommendations so that we do not have to research programs on our own.

We have also benefitted from their professional approach to their work. They are regularly updating their skills so that they can make recommendations that will improve our work environment, while keeping in mind the cost of making changes and training of staff.

When problems do arise, regardless of the cause, we depend on CNS to figure out the problem and provide the solution in a timely fashion. Computer issues are inevitable, and we have confidence that they will do their best to get back to us and patiently work through the problem. They are not always perfect, but what makes them different, is that they will hear us out, and then work on solving the complaint.

In summary, it has been a pleasure working with CNS and we would recommend that you trust them with your computer system.

Caryn Garfinkle Brand Sonnenschine LLP